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Sydney slipped out of his shoes, then removed his jacket, placing both neatly in their places. He walked to his chair, leaving his cellphone laying on the little table beside the chair. He picked up the newspaper, beginning his attempt at unwinding. Neither the TV nor the radio were turned on, not yet, as he sought to remove himself from the life of his duplicity. He knew, were he to ever attempt to leave the Centre, as Jarod had done, he would not be cagily chased and brought in; he would be killed.

It was a chain on him, one he now recognized, one thrown more an more into his face with Jarod's escape and revelations that grew each time their lives intersected. He supposed he should be grateful to not exist in ignorance, but he chafed.

He would not endanger Jarod by going to him in an effort to escape. He was too old, and Jarod owed him nothing.

No, the only freedom to be found in knowing he was chained was knowing that he was smart enough to outfox those who kept him that way. He stayed, not out of fear for his life, though his illusions of the Centre had been shattered. He stayed to be one step ahead of the game, to know what was being planned, and to do all he could to prevent anymore sins against humanity.

That, he told himself, is what he owed to Jarod, to Jacob, to all the lives he had unwittingly ruined.

Muse: Sydney
Fandom: The Pretender
Word Count: 254
Disclaimer: All characters referenced herein belong to 20th Century Fox/NBC Studios and are solely intended for entertainment, not profit in this context
Note: [personal profile] justjarod referenced by permission of his mun


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